Questions to Ask Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Questions to Ask Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Breast augmentation is a transformative and life-changing cosmetic procedure. Whether you’re considering it for the first time or contemplating a revision, choosing the right breast augmentation surgeon is a pivotal decision. To ensure your journey towards your dream results is as smooth and successful as possible, it’s essential to ask the right questions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key questions to ask your breast augmentation surgeon, helping you make informed choices and achieve the results you desire.

Selecting the Right Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Before we delve into the questions, let’s acknowledge the significance of selecting the right surgeon for your breast augmentation:

  1. Credentials: Your surgeon should be board-certified by a reputable organization, such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This ensures they have the necessary training, expertise, and experience.
  2. Experience: Look for a surgeon with a strong track record in breast augmentation procedures. Experience is a valuable indicator of a surgeon’s ability to deliver the results you desire.
  3. Reputation: Research your surgeon’s reputation. Read reviews, ask for referrals, and check for any malpractice claims or disciplinary actions. A reputable surgeon should have a positive reputation.
  4. Communication: Effective communication is key. Your surgeon should be a good listener and able to understand your goals and concerns. They should also be open to answering your questions.

Now, let’s explore the essential questions to ask your breast augmentation surgeon:

Questions About the Surgeon’s Qualifications and Experience

  1. Are you board-certified in plastic surgery?
    Ensure your surgeon is certified by a reputable board that specializes in plastic surgery, such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
  2. How many breast augmentation surgeries have you performed?
    Experience is crucial. A surgeon with a substantial track record in breast augmentation is better to handle different cases.
  3. May I see before-and-after photos of your previous breast augmentation patients?
    Viewing these photos can give you a visual idea of the surgeon’s work and the range of results they can achieve.
  4. What is your approach to breast augmentation, and how do you tailor the procedure to individual patients?
    Your surgeon should have a personalized approach to meet your unique goals and body type.

Procedure Itself

  1. What type of breast implants do you recommend, and why?: Your surgeon should explain the options available, such as saline or silicone implants, and help you select the best choice for your desired outcome.
  2. Where will you make the incisions and what incision technique do you recommend for me?: Discuss the different incision options and the most suitable choice for your case.
  3. What are the risks and potential complications associated with breast augmentation?: Your surgeon should provide a comprehensive overview of potential risks and complications, even if they are rare.
  4. What type of anesthesia will you use, and who will administer it?: Discuss the anesthesia process and the qualifications of the anesthesiologist.

Recovery Process

  1. What should I expect during the recovery period?
    Understanding the recovery process, including pain management and limitations, is crucial for a smooth post-operative experience.
  2. How soon can I return to work and resume physical activities?
    Your surgeon should provide a clear timeline for when you can expect to resume your normal routine.
  3. What are the potential signs of complications after surgery, and how should I address them?
    Your surgeon should educate you on what to look out for and when to seek immediate medical attention.

Costs and Financing

  1. What is the total cost of the procedure, including surgeon fees, anesthesia, and facility fees?Ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of all associated costs.
  2. Do you offer financing options for the surgery?
    Many practices offer financing plans to make the procedure more affordable.
  3. What is your policy on revisions or addressing complications?
    Discuss the surgeon’s approach to potential revisions or addressing complications, including any associated costs.

the Surgical Facility

  1. Where will the surgery take place, and is the facility accredited?
    Ensure the surgical facility is accredited and meets all necessary safety standards.
  2. What measures do you take to ensure patient safety during surgery?: Your surgeon should have safety protocols in place, including a trained medical team and emergency equipment.

About the Follow-up Care and Maintenance

  1. What post-operative care do you provide, and how often will I need follow-up appointments?Understanding the post-operative care plan is crucial for your recovery.
  2. How can I best maintain the results of my breast augmentation over time?
    Your surgeon should provide guidance on long-term care and maintenance, such as regular breast self-exams.

Additional Questions for Your Personalized Needs

  1. How will the procedure impact breastfeeding and mammograms in the future?
    If these concerns are important to you, discuss them with your surgeon.
  2. Can you explain the potential impact of breast augmentation on nipple sensitivity?
    This is a concern for some patients and should be addressed.


Choosing the right breast augmentation surgeon is a significant step in your journey towards achieving your desired results. By asking these questions and engaging in open communication with your surgeon, you can prepare yourself to make informed choices and ensure a successful breast augmentation experience. Remember that knowledge is the key to a successful outcome, and a skilled and experienced surgeon will be more than willing to provide the answers and guidance you need to make the right decision.

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